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ETCN - High Quality CNC Machining Services in China

ETCN is your premier source for CNC machining services in China. Our dedicated team of experts has over 13 years of experience delivering top-quality machining services at a reasonable price. We offer comprehensive services, including CAD and CAM programming, G-codes, and M-codes for all your machining needs. With advanced machinery and an unwavering commitment to excellence, you can trust us to produce parts accurately and adhere to your exact specifications. Contact us today to discover how we can assist you with all your CNC machining needs.

Experience On-Demand Manufacturing with ETCN

CNC Grinding Services

A technical procedure employing Computer Numerical Control (CNC) for precision grinding tasks. This service includes internal, external, and surface grinding to ensure high-quality components.

Peek CNC Machining

PEEK CNC Machining

This service employs CNC technology with Polyoxymethylene (POM), a high-strength plastic. With excellent dimensional stability, POM is well-suited for the creation of precise parts in various industries.


This service employs CNC technology with Polyoxymethylene (POM), a high-strength plastic. With excellent dimensional stability, POM is well-suited for creating precise parts in various industries.


Why us?

Our Core

Cost-Effective Solutions

ETCN's CNC Machining Services in China offer quality solutions at competitive prices, optimizing your project budget.

Advanced Technology & Equipment

ETCN employs cutting-edge machinery and technology for efficient, high-standard CNC machining services.

Skilled & Experienced Team

Our expert team of engineers and technicians ensures exceptional CNC machining services, handling your project with utmost proficiency from inception to completion.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves.


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Years in Business

About ETCN

ETCN started in 2008. We have lots of machines. We can do many things, like stamping, cutting wires, and removing sharp edges. We can also add extra things like heat treatment and painting to make it look pretty. And we know how to work with hot/cold metal, casting, and forging too!

CNC Machining Parts Factory

Based in China, ETCN is a premier CNC Machining Parts Factory known for crafting top-quality precision components. Boasting cutting-edge technology and a team of expert professionals, ETCN delivers superior products catering to diverse industries.
Custom CNC Turning Milling Precision Parts

Custom CNC Turning Milling Precision Parts

OEM Machining Components cnc custom part Brass metal

Custom brass metal CNC parts for OEM machining components

Custom Cnc Aluminum Steel Turning Milling Anodized Part Fabrication

Custom CNC aluminum and steel fabrication with turning, milling, and anodized part production.

Superior quality custom automatic CNC lathe non-standard parts aluminum brass plastic cement machining

High-quality, custom-made CNC lathe parts using aluminum, brass, plastic, and cement for precision machining.

Custom precision Stainless steel aluminum titanium CNC machining milling turning parts fabrication service CNC machining parts

Offering custom precision CNC machining services for stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium parts through milling and turning processes.

High Precision Professional CNC machining spare Small Order CNC Parts

Professional precision CNC machining services providing spare parts for small orders. Get high-quality parts with quick turnaround times.

High Precision Manufacturer Aluminum Milling Turning Custom Services OEM Copper CNC Machining Parts

Custom CNC machining services for aluminum and copper parts by a high-precision manufacturer. Specializing in milling, turning, and OEM customizations.

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